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It was 5.30 of a Monday evening. The sun was low in the sky and the exec officer ghetto of the guild was abuzz with activity. Sabbs and exec members were running hither and thither to ready themselves for another exciting exec meeting. Yet in a certain VPE’s office there was quite a different atmosphere.

Matt groaned.
Slat yelped.
Matt thrust.
Slat bore down.
Matt shoved.
Slat cried out.

Suddenly Emma, complete with shining halo, bounded in, but cried out in horror at the sight before her:

“Matt! Slat! What are you doing! This is the 1037th rearrangement of your office you’ve done so far this year! You’ll *never* be ready in time for exec at this rate!”

Matt and Slat looked downcast. Their voices rang out in unison:

“We’re sorry Emma. It won’t happen again.”

Matt added:

“It just needed a little tweak…”

“Well that’s just not good enough. It’s time the two of you learnt a lesson.”

Emma strode towards the filing system and pulled out a drawer. Behind the papers about vital aspects of education was pot after pot of Sainsbury’s value fruit JaAm.

“For a start, this can’t stay in here.”

Matt wept “No! Not my precious JaAm! Not that!”

Emma replied curtly “Well if these jars full of JaAm are still here by the time you’re meant to be in exec, I’ll have to report you to Craigypie for wasting exec time.” And with that, she strode out once more.

Slat’s eyes followed Emma out with his girlish grin, but Matt just looked terribly downcast.

“What shall we do?!” he cried.

“What will *you* do, you mean,” curtly replied Slat.

But Matt’s eyes were so big and sad that he immediately regretted speaking so harshly against his dear, dear friend. He thought…

“She only said that the jars full of JaAm had to be gone… we just need to empty those jars.”

With a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step, Slat bounded over to the cookie jar, so regularly empty of cookies that no-one bothered looking in it any more. But inside, hidden in the most cunning place in the office, was his brand new wipe-clean latex schoolgirl’s dress. He drew it out and placed it over the back of Matt’s chair, drew down the blinds, locked the door, and proceeded upon a graceful, slinking striptease before an evidently delighted Matt.

Slat began by slathering jar upon jar of JaAm upon his slight, naked frame, taking special care around those awkward nooks and crannies. Then, his body newly lubricated, he slithered and twanged his way into his tight, skin-hugging schooldress, again covering that with JaAm also. He would hold the jar upside down over his skin, and two pairs of eyes would follow the JaAm slowly slurp out, then plop onto Slat’s frame and roll around a little before Slat rubbed it in, sometimes roughly, sometimes slow and seductively. Matt’s eyes followed this with a hungry intent, licking his lips and visibly drooling.

When he was done, Slat just whispered “Now you have to catch me.”

It wasn’t much of a chase. Matt was surprisingly quick for one of his stature. He leapt on Slat before he had a chance to move and, pinning him down, quickly went about removing every last trace of the JaAm. His tongue darted in and out of every fold and crevice, and once he was done cleaning the dress, he tore it off and went about cleaning every last inch of Slat’s soft, hairless, pale skin with his teeth, tongue & lips. He continued even once Slat’s skin was as clean as a freshly bathed baby, finding all the most special sensitive areas of his body until Slat reached shuddering climax after shuddering climax, while Matt continued to clean the soft flesh over and over.

Once they were both done and exhausted they lay together, gazing into the others’ pair of exhausted yet delighted eyes. It was 17.57, and there was an executive meeting to attend. Slat picked up his scattered clothes, sighing, and once again entered the unnatural state of being fully dressed.

Like every week, the two of them entered the meeting room together.
Like every week, Matt’s shirt front was oddly JaAmMy.
And like every week, Emma wore her sly little coquettish smile at the part she had to play in such shenanigans.
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